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ZPJ-Baxter single step shoe

As the foreign factory intends to cancel our order.

Our products can not be sold normally.

Can not recover costs, do not pay people long wages.

Please help people in the rescue.

Let's get through this difficulty.

The warehouse left a lot of products.

  Thousands of people are waiting for a salary.

please help us.


The shoes are priced at 36.88 euros and now only 15.00 euros. Buy one get one free for 15.00 euros The second pair is only 1 euro. Shoes have only one cost. Of course, this shoe is the most cost effective. This is the new model this year. very popular. [Buy one get one free] two pairs of 15.00 euros

Many people like this shoe. Shoes are also selling well in Europe and America.

It is also a model for couples.

Celebrities also like to wear.

There are shops in any major department store in Thailand.

Is the most fashionable color

Pure hand

Casual couples ADIWON has used the GORE-TEX technology in the world. To be waterproof and breathable.

At the same time, using soft rubber flooring, soft and comfortable, anti-slip feature makes it easy to walk all the way.



▼ Non-slip shoes and wear resistant Enjoy your time running ~~



❤ good customer feedback ❤

Are you still hesitant?

2 pairs of 15.00 euros [customer return]

Last 700 pairs

Sold out


Main selling point Lightweight - as big as 10 swan Fashion model - the latest fashion model in autumn and winter Waterproof and breathable - 2018 GORE-TEX technology The same male and female models - number 36-44 Promotions - This price specials can buy 1 pair of shoes, but now there are 2 pairs.



Casual shoes at this cheap price. If you have to wait another year.


Please fill in the details and contact information.


Q. Are all the products on the website true? A. We strictly control all product details, such as source. One point, raw materials, product manufacturing process, to select products for consumers. With the highest quality, you can choose to buy. Q. What transport vehicle? Basically, we use airplanes to transport goods. How long does it take for my materials to be transported? A. 1. If an emergency occurs, the time sent may be slightly delayed. Because each warehouse is stored in a package. The weekly meeting is divided into several packages, and when the package is sent to each package, they may be different.


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